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"Bereaved, helping the bereaved to learn to live with grief. We can help the healing begin."
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A bereaved person knows that someone is available to listen to him/her, who understands his/her thoughts and feelings.  Often extended family members, friends, colleagues or professionals call to ask for assistance in helping a bereaved person.


These groups of 8-12 people meet for ten to twelve weeks with trained facilitators.  The two hour sessions explore the common elements surrounding parental bereavement.  These groups are for bereaved parents who have lost a child before birth, after birth, or from childhood to adulthood.



*  Drop-ins - 5 monthly

*  Reconnect Group/Infant Loss  - 6 yearly (odd month)

*  Reconnect Group/Older Children Loss - 6 yearly (even month)

*  Family Support Night - to be announced

*  Closed Infant Loss Group - 1 to 3 per year

*  Closed Mothers’ Group -  1 to 2 per year

*  Closed Couples' Group -  as needed

*  Closed Mixed Group - as needed

*  Closed Fathers’ Group - as needed

*  Siblings Drop-in and One-on-One - as needed



The bereaved person has someone to talk to individually, who really understands what he/she is going through.  This meeting is between a facilitator and the bereaved parent prior to joining a group, to decide together if group work is the best option at this time.  Sometimes, a group member will request a one-on-one session during the group session if there is something which cannot be discussed with the whole group.



Family Support Nights are held throughout the year in the Durham Region.  Topics covered have been “How Time Affects the Grief Journey, Paranormal Experiences of Grief, Summer Family Care and Share Evenings, Continuing to Love When Your Heart is Broken, Coping With The Holiday Season”, and most recently panel discussions including Sibling Loss and Extended Family Member Losses, just to name a few.  For more information on upcoming Family Support Nights, please contact the BFO-Durham office at 905-579-4293 or e-mail us at



*  One-on-One Support - available upon request by contacting the office for an appointment

*  Telephone Help Line and Support - your phone call is very important; if no one is available, your message will be returned as soon as possible

*  Newsletter - 4 times yearly electronically

*  Bereavement Packages - available upon request

*  Facilitator Training - contact the Office for more details

*  Lending Library - open to all members during office hours